If you are visiting our site, it is likely that you are currently on an exciting journey and it would be our pleasure to accompany you. The following information is to help guide you along your way – feel free to call us today for more information and guidance.

Why is it recommended I receive breastfeeding help prior to giving birth?

Even though breastfeeding is natural, it is not always easy! Hospitals and pediatricians are not always certified in lactation- many mothers are surprised to learn that their doctors, while supportive of breastfeeding, do not know how to be supportive of Breastfeeding Management. Taking a breastfeeding course while pregnant and aligning your support system before baby arrives can make all the difference!

Should my partner attend the breastfeeding class?

In a perfect world- YES!

Loved ones are shown to have the greatest impact on your breastfeeding success. It can make all the difference to not only have someone supporting you, but for that person to understand WHY they are supporting you and HOW they can best do so.

When should I make an appointment?

It depends on the service, but the sooner the better! Long Island Breastfeeding sees women at any gestation or any time after delivery. For something like Placenta Encapsulation, we’ve had moms call us in labor on their way to the hospital! Of course, we were able to accommodate them but we do recommend calling sooner if you’re able. Something like hiring a labor Doula may take more time and planning.

How soon can I been seen for a Lactation Consultation?

We see moms and babies very soon after they call for help. Typically it will be no longer than 48hrs, but we often see moms the same day they call. We understand that when you call us it’s because you need help and we don’t like to keep you waiting.

Why are there different terms to describe various breastfeeding professionals? Is there a difference?

YES, there is a difference! Not all breastfeeding professionals are the same and all of the different terms can be quite confusing, even to experienced moms!

Professionals with the term IBCLC after their name have the highest level of certification within the field. These types of professionals are International Board Certified Lactation Consultants and have completed hundreds, sometimes thousands, of hours of hands-on experience within the field. Many IBCLCs have the educational background equivalent to an RN (registered nurse) or higher. IBCLCs are certified through the IBLCE organization and are recognized internationally as allied health professionals.

You may hear the term CLC (Certified Lactation Counselor) or CBC (Certified Breastfeeding Counselor) being used synonymously with IBCLC. While there may be a small percentage of crossover due to experience and a vast knowledge base, the difference between an IBCLC and a CLC/CBC is similar to the difference between having a masters degree and an associate’s degree.

CLC/CBCs can provide evidence-based, up-to-date support to new families, but for complex problems, it is usually best to plan a visit with an IBCLC.

Why are Long Island Breastfeeding professionals in such high demand?

Long Island Breastfeeding does not believe in “one-size fits all care”… everything we do is evidence based and individualized. As a result, our clients feel they have every tool available to them (which they do!) combined with the highest level of support with the least amount of judgement.

Our approach is that we consider your specific situation and resources, and combine them with evidence based breastfeeding care. We then incorporate YOUR family’s particular needs and wants, ultimately meeting YOUR definition of feeding success.

When providing breastfeeding support, Long Island Breastfeeding professionals have 3 goals in mind…

1) make sure baby is fed;

2) make sure mom is comfortable; and

3) offer the highest level of knowledge and support, enabling mom to make the best decisions for herself and her family

Of course baby’s health is our top priority, but our real focus is on mom, not baby. If mom isn’t comfortable-no one is! Our goal is not to get you to breastfeed exclusively (although we’ll do everything we can to support you in that endeavor)…it’s to make sure we’re giving you all we possibly can so that YOU are able to make an educated decision for YOUR family.

Who should I book an appointment with?

We  will  help  you  find  a  great  match  with  one  of  our  professionals.   We  have  the  experience  necessary  to  understand specific  needs/circumstances,  and  can  make  recommendations  accordingly.   Our  network  includes  some  of  the  most well-respected  educators  and  consultants  in  the  industry,  and  you  can  rest  assured  knowing  that  you  are  receiving the  most  up-to-date,  complete  information  available.

Where do consultations take place?

Convenience is key, especially for moms-to-be or new mothers, so consultations can be in-person; on the phone; at your home, workplace, or a professional’s home; or on Skype, etc…

 We are extremely flexible and can also accommodate small to midsized groups.  Our professionals can travel to any part of Long Island, Queens, and sometimes NYC. Contact us to determine what would be the most beneficial and easy for you!