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9 Tips for Healing Wounded Nipples

9 Tips for Healing Wounded Nipples

Many moms experience some level of soreness in the early days of breastfeeding. Part of her body is suddenly being ‘used’ every few hours-no…

  • I was really nervous about breastfeeding initially but, Lindsey really opened my eyes to the many facts and benefits that I had no clue of. She is really down to earth and easy to talk to about anything, I love her personality and most of all she makes my family feel really comfortable.

  • I found Long Island Breastfeeding through a google search when needing help with various issues breastfeeding my 1MO daughter. I wasn’t successful breastfeeding the first time around with my son, and I was determined to BF for at least 6 months. They answered all of my questions, they were unbelievable knowledgeable and follow up was very professional. I am still breastfeeding exclusively 3 months later, and I credit Long Island Breastfeeding largely for that. The investment was def worth it – My insurance actually only covered part of it but I honestly would have been willing to pay much more for the service that I received. Thank you Lindsey and everyone else at LIBF.

  • Despite my best efforts to be “prepared” the second time around, I still ran into lots of latching challenges after my son, my second child, was born. Lindsey employed a wide range of techniques, from the traditional to the ultra-creative, to assist us in finding a solution. She has much-needed know-how, yes. But even more important to a postpartum mom, Lindsey has the empathy, patience and deep respect for a woman’s personal circumstances and leverages her knowledge to draw on the mom’s strengths and resources. She’s accessible, incredibly professional and one of the most generous souls you’ll encounter. I consider Lindsey an integral part of why I was able to push through the challenges and nurse my son past 12 months. She truly is a gift to every life she touches.