Long Island Breastfeeding is a ‘one-stop shop’ for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and beyond

Long Island Breastfeeding is a family owned and operated business that works with the island’s BEST and most qualified professionals to help give you the best birthing and breastfeeding experience possible. Long Island Breastfeeding does not believe in ‘one-size fits all’ care so we do our absolute best to give you and your family individualized support.

The professionals who participate within Long Island Breastfeeding are certified, experienced, use up-to-date evidence based care, and are in high demand.

About Us


Of course, baby’s health is our top priority, but our real focus is on mom, not baby. If mom isn’t comfortable, no one is! Our goal is not to get you to breastfeed exclusively (although we’ll do everything we can to support you in that endeavor), or for you to labor without pain management…it’s to make sure we’re giving you all we possibly can so that YOU are able to make educated decisions and choices that best suit YOUR family.

Of course, as experts in our field, there are general guidelines we practice by, but because Long Island Breastfeeding cares more about the individual than a large group, we try to be as exclusive as possible when working with a new family: we tailor our classes and support to meet YOUR needs and goals, not ours or someone else’s….and we’ve managed to do this in a cost-effective manner!

Our Story

I was fortunate to grow up in the birthing and breastfeeding world. It was kind of like my religion, or culture. It was what I knew. With a Midwife as a mother, who often let me tag along, I figured every woman in America breastfed her babies.

It wasn’t until late 2010 when Jon and I found out we were expecting that we realized the opposite: most women in America bottle-feed their babies. But why? The answer isn’t so simple, but one thing is for certain: women, and the people who love them, need education and support.

When our son was born, Jon was a bit surprised as to how important the role of the father is regarding the breastfeeding mother and baby. Breastfeeding truly is a family affair. Our partners or closest support person(s), need to go beyond support. They need to know WHY they are being supportive and HOW to be supportive.

What surprised me when our son was born, and even just before, was how difficult it was to find information and resources-even with my mom by my side! I felt that everything was so separate. Imagine if you were trying to make a salad using the tomatoes from your garden, the lettuce from Stop and Shop, cucumbers from the farm stand, and the dressing that is somewhere in the back of your fridge. I remember thinking, “how great would it be if there were a place I could go that had all the answers?”

There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is I don’t have all the answers. But the good news is I have a lot of them. In late 2011, Jon came up with the idea of Long Island Breastfeeding after hearing everything I was telling him and listening to what other new mothers and I were hoping for.  And so the process began!

If you are visiting our site, it is likely that you are currently on an exciting journey and it would be our pleasure to accompany you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Best Wishes,

Lindsey and Jonathan




Long Island Breastfeeding is currently providing private breastfeeding classes for expecting families, labor support, placenta encapsulation, lactation consultations, and post partum support. We can also arrange for small group classes that remain intimate and individualized. We can also help moms with baby products, registry help, baby care….and pretty much anything else mama-baby related!